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Since 1980 GWP has been, and continues to be, committed to the safe abstraction of water resources while empowering the disadvantaged to make a sustainable livelihood.  It is our belief that only through experience, interaction, team work, participation and continuous learning that this is achieved. 

​ Our vast knowledge and experience spans from groundwater testing and abstraction, to coal bed methane gas extraction.  We also specialize in the installation of pumps, water supply, systems design and installation, hydraulic fraccing, and ground water monitoring.

Our management approach is dedication to the clarity of client requirements, continuous communication, continuous learning, and quality service. Our team is complement of dedicated professionals consisting of project managers, engineers and artisans who have the required skills and experiences to ensure quality deliverables, and client expectations are met.



Striving to be the best of ourselves, and for YOU


Being Africa’s Diverse Pioneering Water Partner


GWP is committed to making water an environmentally safe and sustainable reality.  We are dedicated to delivering excellent service to our clients and conducting our work at the highest standards with integrity and honesty.  We embrace our obligation toward the social improvement of Africa as a whole and strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients and service providers.


Our company is founded upon a perpetual work ethic and a remarkable winning approach to every task, job or project that we take on.   We pride ourselves on being a fearless yet modest company, upholding honesty, integrity, ethics and respect for the environment as well as the people who we work with and for.


Ground Water Practitioners strives to become one of our country’s top water companies.
Honesty, integrity, effectiveness and customer satisfaction remains a top priority in all spheres of our business.